Many people say that the beard and mustache are in fashion, but the truth is that in greater or lesser extent, they have always been. Its hygiene will tell a lot of man who wears it. To give it a perfect care, we will share with you some simple and economical tips.

5 Tricks

Wash it twice a day

Beard may contain a large number of bacteria due to the remains of food, tobacco and other particles that may be in the environment. In addition, in cold weather, the skin under the beard suffers and must be given due attention.

It is advisable to wash it twice a day, in the morning and at night with soap and water. Do not make the mistake of using the head shampoo, it is much better and effective to apply a specific one for thick and curly hairs. We suggest you to use a more aggressive one with the intention of being able to eliminate the possible fat existing. When finished, do not forget to dry your beard with a clean, warm towel.


Using good oil will not make your beard more fat. Oil or a suitable balm, will provide the beard and mustache a very healthy and careful appearance, preventing the tips to break and grow in a healthy way. Apply only a few drops, nothing else is needed to give it the good look you want.


There are long, bulky beards that must be trimmed frequently. To prevent skin irritation, redness and even small wounds to appear, lotion is the solution to close pores, moisturize and soften it. The lotions smell should also be taken into account as there are many and perhaps not all are of your liking. We really like the smell of juniper, orange or sandalwood.


Beard and mustache should also be combed to get to the beloved shape and avoid a crazy look. You Can also use wax, thus avoiding tangles and a sloppy appearance.

The Barber

You know how to take care of your beard and mustache perfectly for sure, but a professional will give you that differential value. It will help you to draw a beard to your liking and get the perfect touch. Maybe once a month is enough and the rest, you entrust your beard at home.

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