If you think you will be bald because your father is bald, you may be wrong. So say the Center for Genetic and Experimental Medicine team at the University of Edinburgh after examining more than 52000 men between 40 and 60 years old to find out the risk of baldness.

Genes inherited from the mother

It has been discovered in this research that 40 of 287 genes that induce the fall, are contained in the X Chromosome, inherited from the mothers.

The researchers created a formula to try to clarify when a person is going to become bald by analyzing the presence or absence of certain genetic markers. Today, that exact prediction is not entirely possible, but the results clarify the way on how to identify higher hair loss risk subgroups of population.

We are facing the largest genetic analysis of baldness to date. We have identified genes related to the structure and development of hair. This gives us possible targets for the development of drugs to treat baldness.

However, we must be careful with the analysis since we are facing an open investigation which should clarify certain aspects. It is known that androgenetic alopecia has a polygenic inheritance pattern with many genes involved, of which, a part is associated with the X chromosome of women. Alopecia is influenced by genetic factors but also by external ones. Many assumptions say that what it is inherited is the receptor hair sensitivity to androgens action (male hormones), but in other cases, these hormones are elevated, not being able to blame the fall to a specific agent.

In order to stop the fall, it is necessary to pull of genetics. It will determine a person real options of suffering alopecia. In the case that a genetic test can not be done, it will be necessary to act diligently to detect the fall. The sooner the better.

The reality is that there is still to have an accurate prediction of hair loss pattern in a person. Of course, research has defined a way to better understand the fall genetic causes and thus, develop more effective treatments.

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