Dr. Naranjo

Dr. María del Mar Naranjo, is undoubtedly one of the most prestigious surgeons in the country, widely recognized by the international community. Dr. Naranjo is one of the driving forces behind FUE transplant technique in our country.

Dr. María Mar Naranjo

Dr. María Mar Naranjo

Director of the Medical Unit of the Man Medical Institute

Dr. María del Mar Naranjo, given her high knowledge and experience in Implantology, has been requested in numerous forums.

She has been interviewed and asked for advice, in television programs to be able to transmit to the audience all the reference and clarification of doubts about the techniques used in the Hair Implant, which Dr. María del Mar Naranjo is one of the greatest promoters of her establishment in Spain, being invited to present papers in international medical congresses of great international prestige.

The Dr. María del Mar Naranjo gave a presentation during the prestigious World Hair Transplant Congress of the ISHRS. Dr. María del Mar Naranjo is internationally recognized for providing a great impetus to Hair Transplant Surgery, the FUE Technique.


Why choose our clinic

You will find the latest technology in our Man Medical Institute® hair clinic. A highly qualified professional team is willing to listen to you, answer your questions and take care of your case. Each clinical history is completely individual, as well as its care and treatment. No case is equal to another, since hair loss involves various elements such as those of hereditary nature, constant stress situations or hormonal changes. For that, the attention and treatment will also have to be completely individual and that is precisely what we provide in Man Medical Institute®. Our surgeons know how to draw the perfect implant, and in addition, our prices are adjusted to market reality. We are willing to help you. Contact us, request an appointment to know your case, and together we will plan the budget and the most suitable treatment to solve your problem effectively.

The perfect implant

“Because we are not all equal and each person is unique and different.” Thanks to the experience developed through a high number of operations carried out, the utmost importance is given to all the treatments to be measured, redrawing, redefining and restructuring all the necessary aspects perfectly adapted to the physiognomy of the patient, so you can enjoy an unparalleled and natural result.

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