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Man Medical institute in the Media

In Spain hair implants have also become cheaper, and for that reason, the experts make a “call to good sense” because they are tired of seeing “real sloppiness”, which in some cases has no solution.

The Tele Madrid News team made a report on March 22, 2019 about hair grafting for men. The TV Team traveled to the Castellana clinic in Madrid, Basílica 20 street, where they interviewed different staff members of Man medical institute, Dr. Mª del Mar Naranjo, one of the most prestigious surgeons and international reference in the Capillary graft FUE, could give explanations and clarify how many doubts and questions the TV team made.
Tele Madrid was also interested in issues as important as the healthcare environment that Clinics such as Man Medical Institute can offer, being recognized at European and World level the high degree of excellence offered by prestigious clinics that ensure health at all times and the patients well-being.

“Dermatologists have to make a call to good sense”, they say. “The clinics low cost do not have doctors or qualified personnel”, some professionals complain, adding that it is “in hospital rooms or hotel rooms where they perform the intervention”. “The clinics modus operandi low cost It is to operate everything at all costs, and many of the clients will not be operable”, they insure. They warn that sometimes are “authentic bungling”.

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