In addition to aging, genetics or hormonal changes, there are certain risk factors in our daily life that cause hair loss almost without realizing it. A bad diet or anxiety, stress states are some of the most common factors that influence baldness.

1. The sun affects your hair

The ends are not good, with the sun the same thing happens. Leaving your hair exposed to ultraviolet rays for a long time can cause it to burn, become dehydrated, lose color, make it more fragile and falling more frequently. In addition, in summer time you add to this the negative effect of chlorine in swimming pools or the salt of the sea, which also affect the health of your hair.

Using hats and capillary sunscreens are the best options, especially during the summer, where temperatures are higher. You will keep your hair much more hydrated and stronger, thus avoiding the incipient fall.

2. Dyes, tight hairstyles or driers

There are those who continuously abuse of hair dyes or very tight hairstyles. These are two risk factors for our hair, since they weakens the hair and increases the possibility of falling. On the other hand, the continued use of hair dryer, iron or curling iron damages our health hair. If you want to dry your hair, it is better to do it in a natural way with a towel or to do it with a hair dryer at an average temperature and previously applying a specific protective against the temperature changes in the hair.

3. A diet with low Vitamin A, B and C

A balanced diet is essential to maintain hair health. Experts say that A, B and C vitamins are essential to prevent falling and maintain a strong and hydrated hair. Include carrots, spinach, eggs, legumes or fruits such as kiwi and oranges in your daily diet, they will provide you those vitamins and minerals so necessary to avoid alopecia. Seafood is another food that will also provide you essential minerals for hair melanin such as iron or zinc.

On the other hand, nuts like walnuts or almonds offer you an important amount of omega 3, which will stimulate the hair natural growth and keep it stronger, thus preventing the fall.

4. Smoking seriously harms health… of your hair

Nicotine and tobacco smoke are the biggest detractors of health in your hair. On the one hand, experts say that nicotine is a substance that enters the blood and affects hair growth. While tobacco smoke directly affects the aging of our skin, it also affects the scalp. The smoke deteriorates the hair in its most external aspect: dryness, loss of color and natural shine.

5. Stress or anxiety

Finally, suffering a state of stress or anxiety is one of the main reasons for hair loss today. The lack of time for yourself, work, home, family economy… It generates a picture of anxiety and nervousness that negatively affects our hair health. It is what is known as nervous alopecia. It is a condition that arises temporarily, during the anxiety state. Once this point of stress is overcome, hair grows again.

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